Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Humans Vs. Zombies

Humans Versus Zombies 2009 at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. Humans Versus Zombies is an intense game played all over campus. This was the first mission, on the 2nd day of the horde's attack. The mission: escort Pastor Mike from his house just off campus into the CFL building. See www.humansvszombies.org for more information on the game, and www.luther.edu for information on the school. At the beginning of this mission, there were approximately 105 humans in the game, and 32 zombies. The zombies are attempting to tag the human players, and the humans only defense is to stun them for 20 seconds by hitting them with socks. Buildings are safe zones. Humans have bandanas around their arms, zombies have bandanas on as headbands. Video recorded by Daniel Flucke and Matt Kalsow. Edited by Daniel Flucke (www.jugglingnebulafilms.com). Music from Command And Conquer game series. Not intended for profit in any way.