Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Humans Vs. Zombies

Humans Versus Zombies 2009 at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. Humans Versus Zombies is an intense game played all over campus. This was the first mission, on the 2nd day of the horde's attack. The mission: escort Pastor Mike from his house just off campus into the CFL building. See www.humansvszombies.org for more information on the game, and www.luther.edu for information on the school. At the beginning of this mission, there were approximately 105 humans in the game, and 32 zombies. The zombies are attempting to tag the human players, and the humans only defense is to stun them for 20 seconds by hitting them with socks. Buildings are safe zones. Humans have bandanas around their arms, zombies have bandanas on as headbands. Video recorded by Daniel Flucke and Matt Kalsow. Edited by Daniel Flucke (www.jugglingnebulafilms.com). Music from Command And Conquer game series. Not intended for profit in any way.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Video - Morning by Aaron Rosell Live

My roommate, Aaron Rosell, also known as "He Who Never" performed at Luther College's Marty's Open Mic Night, joined by his friend Pilar. They played "Morning," and I, of course, made a video. Filmed by Matt Kalsow and myself...edited by me. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MacBook Pro Swelling Battery

Here's yet another reason why I like Apple computers. I've been working at a camp for the summer, and my sister had been using my 17 inch MacBook Pro at home. When I came home for the weekend, she explained that the computer was "being weird." I looked at it and discovered the trackpad was not working right. It was fine until you tried to click it, but once it was clicked (using either tap-to-click or the actual button), it would not register that the click had been released. The computer acted as though the button was being held down. If an external mouse was plugged in, it worked fine, so it was pretty obviously a hardware problem. I had also noticed that same weekend that the back of the battery in the laptop had started to come apart, almost like the battery was bulging out, and the glue was letting go. Since I was just home for a very short amount of time, I didn't really have time to research at all, so I asked my mom to take the computer to the Apple store in Milwaukee. I figured that I'd probably have to pay a bit for repairs, since the computer's at least 6 months out of warranty, but I obviously needed the computer fixed before college. Well, Mom took the computer in, and the Apple Genius at the store looked at it, and immediately said we had a defective battery, and the swelling of the battery was putting pressure on the trackpad, and messing it up. So, for free, they gave us a brand new laptop battery (saving me probably about $100), for an out of warranty computer. No questions asked. That's good customer service.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What is a Camp Staff Person?

The following was blatantly stolen from a recruiting handout of Lutheran Lakeside Camp, located in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Who is a Camp Staff Person??

Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, there occurs a stage in human development that at first glance may seem highly unlikely to exist and impossible to occur. Yet it is constantly occurring - an unfathomable period known as (cue dramatic music now)... the CAMP STAFF STAGE! This camp staff creature is undefined by psychologists, misunderstood by camp directors, worshiped by campers, admired by parents, gawked at by strangers, and unknown to the rest of the world.

A camp staff person possesses a rare combination of peacemaking and teaching skills. She is a competent child psychologist with her textbook from last fall to prove it. He is an underpaid guardian with neither a television nor a refrigerator. She is a disciplinarian with a twinkle in her eye; a minister to all faiths with questions about her own. He is a referee, a coach, an advisor, and a friend. She is a role model with her head in a cloud of campfire smoke and her sandals in a puddle of mud. He is a song leader, an entertainer, and a play director. She is the example of adulthood in her worn out flip-flops, random bracelets, bandanna, and college sweatshirt that reeks of campfire. He is a comforter on a stormy night and a pal who just loaned out his last pair of dry socks.

Camp staff people dislike the wake-up bell, high-powered flashlights, waiting in line for supper, and consecutive rainy days. They are fond of new songs, dry socks, theme nights, Golden Grahams, snail mail, starry nights, sunsets, and hugs. They are excellent at finding lost towels, starting fires, grunging, and looking out for each other. Who but camp staff people can cure homesickness, air out wet bedding, play endless games of lightning and star wars, ride the pony for hours, make up verses to the Oscar Meyer Weiner theme song, find complete joy in completing resource recovery runs, and jump in the pool every morning knowing full well that there isn't a polar bear hiding in the deep end?

A camp staff person is expected to repair ten years of damage to Billy in five days, make Amanda a new girl, rehabilitate Tyler, allow Johnny to be an individual, and help Leah adjust to the group. He is expected to lead campers in fun and adventure - even when his head aches. She is expected to teach them to live in the great outdoors - even though she lives in a dorm room for nine months out of the year. They must teach campers ingenious activities, lead them in social adjustment, and ensure safety and health while he has a sunburn, she has lake itch, and they both have blisters on their feet.

You wonder how we can stand the pace and how she can take the pressure. You wonder if they'll ever know how truly valuable and needed they are. You wonder if they will ever get to see the impact they have made. You realize that when they leave in August you could never have paid them enough. You hope they will understand that they are called to be a part of theses young people's lives... and the lives of their peers. However, for a brief moment on Friday afternoon when the camper walks to the car, and just before disappearing turns with a smile and says, "See you next year!" - You stop wondering.

If we are to sum up what is expected of staff members at a camp, we could not do better than quote these words by Mother Teresa:

"God loves us so much. He gave His son Jesus. Now He gives us that love, and you must let Him have a free hand with you. Not giving up everything...that's not important. What is important is compassion and presence. The world has never needed you so much as today. Give Him a free hand so He can use you. It's not how much you spend or how much you give, but how much you love Him. It isn't big plans, but just letting Him use you today - not tomorrow, maybe just today.

"Your business is to give Him a free hand so He can use you. It does not matter how small, even if you shake someone's hand, touch someone, or give a glass of water in His name, it is enough. Jesus said, "If you feed the hungry, you feed me." Maybe you do not see the hungry in America, but I see the hungry everywhere. There is not only hunger for food, but I see a big hunger for love. That is the greatest hunger, to be loved. Why did God choose you? He wants you to be real missionaries. Look at this great gift of God to you. Listen to the voice of God. God is always speaking to us. God wants from us deep love, compassion, and forgiveness. God wants from you love and compassion in your own country. Open your eyes.

"If you are afraid, offer that fear to God. Do not force yourself. If you force yourself, you may be more preoccupied with the forcing than with the loving."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Newsboys - The Upside - Lyrics

I can't find them online yet, so here they are from the Hands of God CD liner notes:

The Upside
by Newsboys

It's been a long, long fall
With nothing to intervene
When gravity does its thing
We start wondering what it's for
Stuck in a cold, dark basement
Not even expecting more
If all you can see these days is four walls and a floor...

Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
We're gonna stay on the upside
We'll trade our troubles for a room with a view
Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
A brand new day on the upside
The future's brighter than a sky full 'o blue

It's been a long, long fall
The Adam who would be king
When consequence does its thing
We all want it like before
Nowhere to go, laid low
Like a dumpster diver
Like a submarine wreck
Scraping the bottom deck
Won't you, don't you
Pray there's something more?

Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
We're gonna stay on the upside
We'll trade our troubles for a room with a view
Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
A brand new day on the upside
The future's brighter than a sky full 'o blue

What's gonna hold us down?
Who's gonna hold us down
How's it gonna hold us down?
Nothing's gonna hold us...

Come up
We'll make our way to the upside
We're here to stay on the upside
The future's shining like a sky full 'o blue
Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
A brand new day on the upside
We'll trade our troubles for a room with a view
Come up here
We're making our way to the upside
We're here to stay on the upside
The future's brighter than a sky full o' blue

Lyrics produced here for educational purposes only. Lyrics are property and copywrite of their owners. Buy the CD.

Newsboys - Dance - Lyrics

I can't find them online yet, so here they are from the Hands of God CD liner notes:

by Newsboys

Never got the memo
Never got on board
Couldn't get lost
'Cause I never explored

Never took a swing
Never held the ring
Never drew a straw
Never knew how to draw

We got the whole world waiting for
Anything to wash ashore
Evidence they can't ignore
Anything to hope for

Faith is the substance
Faith is the glue
Bringing us together
Giving us a clue
(It'll make ya)

Dance like no one is looking
Sing like no one can hear
Love like you've never hurt before
Live like there's nothing to fear

Never got with it
Never gave blood
Draggin' my feet
Tracked in more mud

Tried to take control
Dug a deeper hold
Couldn't get a hand
Then, bless my soul

You hosed off the dirt
set my feet on a rock
I got a vision from God
I felt the awe and the shock

Faith is the stubstance
Faith is the key
Faith is gonna take us
Where we we're meant to be

Now we're gonna...

Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Get up, get out
Come on...

Lyrics produced here for educational purposes only. Lyrics are property and copywrite of their owners. Buy the CD.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mac Modifier Key Mapping

Reason #[some high integer] why I like Apple Mac computers:

I just got a nice new Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard (from woot.com) and plugged it into my MacBook Pro. Razer's website says no Mac drivers for the Lycosa keyboard are available, but I knew it would work as a normal keyboard. I figured macro functions wouldn't work, and I was fine with that, but I was somewhat disappointed to realize when I plugged it in that the Mac Command key was mapped to the Windows key on the keyboard. So, after a quick Google search for Mac key mapping turned up nothing, I looked in System Preference, in the obvious place, the keyboard and mouse pane. There, I discovered that not only did Mac OS recognize my keyboard by name, but that I could very easily remap the modifier keys.

So, after almost no effort, I am using a great gaming keyboard from a company that claims not to support Apple, with custom set modifier keys, and no third party software. I like Apple.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Speak" - Aaron Rosell Music Video

Brand new music video that I made for Aaron Rosell's solo song "Speak." Aaron is the drummer for If You Will and will be releasing a solo project this summer. This is a rough cut of the first recording. Enjoy!

PS...Aaron is also my roommate...

YouTube description:
Official music video for the original song "Speak" from the upcoming concept project "Left" coming the summer of 2009 from Aaron Rosell. Recorded in the Noble Recital Hall at Luther College. Audio recorded and mixed by Mike Forbess. Video recorded and edited by Daniel Flucke. Visit Aaron online at www.aaronrosell.com for more music. Thanks for viewing, commenting, and rating!

The summer months were not enough
To clear the shadows from your eyes
But then, a breath from far above
Brought the dust away from mine.

I wanted you to make me whole
A wish no mortal man can say
The degradation of my soul
Bid your faith in me away.

Epiphany's in short supply
Belated now, but not in vain
They rid me of the steady lie
That you were all I had to gain.

Completion brings upon my pen
A calm that I have never known
To hold aloft a clearer lens
And show you all that you have sown.

So tell of all that you can see
Of every season through and through
And when I use my mouth to speak,
I will only speak of you.
I will only speak of you.

Video and music posted with full permission and consent of all involved.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interview with Tait, Duncan from Newsboys

Here's an interview from newreleasetuesday.com with Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips of the Newsboys discussing Tait being the new lead singer for Newsboys. I think I'm still in shock over the whole thing...but I'm also really excited to hear the new incarnation of the Newsboys. Oh...and I like the name NewsTalk...not that I want them to change their name or anything...but it does have a certain ring to it...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Newsboys Replace Peter Furler

I am in total and complete shock. After a day of intense internet rumors, the rumors are true. Newsboys released a press release a few minutes ago. Lead singer (and the only remaining founding member) Peter Furler is stepping back from the stage and being replaced as lead singer by Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk and Tait). Quoting from the press release: "Michael Tait will be touring with the band as lead singer with Peter making special appearances throughout the year." Peter supposedly will focus on the band's studio work. Earlier, Inpop Records had reassured fans that Peter does lead vocals on all songs on their upcoming May 5th release, "Hands of God." The press release is at newsboys.com.

I'm pretty much in total shock...newsboys have been my favorite band for several years...I knew something was up, after seeing the newsboys Facebook status announcing an upcoming press release and that they had temporarily taken down their message boards (which are now back up). I really didn't think this rumor was true though...I love DC Talk, and I mostly like Tait's solo cd as well. But, Tait in newsboys? Wow...never would have seen that coming. Who knows, maybe Phil Joel will be back too...or a DC Talk reunion tour...anything seems possible...And...maybe I will buy a newsboys tour bootleg cd, just to hear how Tait does on the songs.

PS: I had Peter's testimony memorized...at least their show will have a bit of variety...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Domestic Violence Music Video

For my Luther College J-Term class, "Crisis Intervention: Interpersonal Violence" I made a music video on domestic violence and rape to Superchic[k]'s "Bowling Ball" and "Stand in the Rain" songs. I think this turned out very well. Filmed at Luther College and Oneota Lanes. Starring Liz Knight and Aaron Rosell, who wish to point out that they do not actually beat each other. Created by Daniel Flucke, with creative consultation from Matt Kalsow. Enjoy!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Am I Blacklight Video

Very cool video here of Casting Crowns' "Who Am I" shown to me by Katie D. I watched and I have to post it here...well worth watching...very cool idea.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have a feeling Photosynth got a LOT of views today, because cnn.com featured it on their front page. That's how I found it. cnn.com did a really cool project where people could submit their digital photos of the Presidential Inauguration to cnn and the photos were assembled into an interactive 3D view thing. This really cool technology was powered by Photosynth, a project of Microsoft Live Labs, and is viewable at CNN's The Moment. After I saw and played with this for a while, I tried my own Synth, as Microsoft calls it. Sadly, the program only runs in Windows, but it works great using Parallels. Here's a tour of my dorm room...sorry for not having a more original topic, but it was available. Enjoy. Silverlight is required for viewing it on a Mac, or a PC without the software.

It's really easy to make these. All that's involved is taking a lot of pictures that overlap, then you just select the folder with the pictures, and tell the program to do its magic. Very neat technology. In addition to being very cool, I could easily see it being used to sell homes, etc. My results weren't quite what I was hoping for, with the photos I took of the chair in the middle of the room and some detail shots, especially of the Muse poster, but the basic circling the room worked pretty well.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Newsboys - Jody Davis is back!

Exciting Christian music news for today: Jody Davis is rejoining the Newsboys. Davis was part of Newsboys from 1993-2003, when he left to be with his daughter through her health issues. However, despite the return of Davis, Newsboys will remain a four person band as current guitarist Paul Colman will leave to continue his solo career.

I am excited that Jody Davis will be back with the band, especially since I am honestly not sure if I have ever seen him perform. I think the first time I saw Newsboys, back on the Adoration tour, he was still with them, but I am not certain. However, I am saddened that Paul Colman is leaving, as I really enjoyed seeing him as part of the band. Hopefully I will get to see his solo show sometime...Now, if only Phil Joel would rejoin Newsboys...

Official story is on Newsboys' Myspace page and their official website.