Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Speak" - Aaron Rosell Music Video

Brand new music video that I made for Aaron Rosell's solo song "Speak." Aaron is the drummer for If You Will and will be releasing a solo project this summer. This is a rough cut of the first recording. Enjoy!

PS...Aaron is also my roommate...

YouTube description:
Official music video for the original song "Speak" from the upcoming concept project "Left" coming the summer of 2009 from Aaron Rosell. Recorded in the Noble Recital Hall at Luther College. Audio recorded and mixed by Mike Forbess. Video recorded and edited by Daniel Flucke. Visit Aaron online at for more music. Thanks for viewing, commenting, and rating!

The summer months were not enough
To clear the shadows from your eyes
But then, a breath from far above
Brought the dust away from mine.

I wanted you to make me whole
A wish no mortal man can say
The degradation of my soul
Bid your faith in me away.

Epiphany's in short supply
Belated now, but not in vain
They rid me of the steady lie
That you were all I had to gain.

Completion brings upon my pen
A calm that I have never known
To hold aloft a clearer lens
And show you all that you have sown.

So tell of all that you can see
Of every season through and through
And when I use my mouth to speak,
I will only speak of you.
I will only speak of you.

Video and music posted with full permission and consent of all involved.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interview with Tait, Duncan from Newsboys

Here's an interview from with Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips of the Newsboys discussing Tait being the new lead singer for Newsboys. I think I'm still in shock over the whole thing...but I'm also really excited to hear the new incarnation of the Newsboys. Oh...and I like the name NewsTalk...not that I want them to change their name or anything...but it does have a certain ring to it...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Newsboys Replace Peter Furler

I am in total and complete shock. After a day of intense internet rumors, the rumors are true. Newsboys released a press release a few minutes ago. Lead singer (and the only remaining founding member) Peter Furler is stepping back from the stage and being replaced as lead singer by Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk and Tait). Quoting from the press release: "Michael Tait will be touring with the band as lead singer with Peter making special appearances throughout the year." Peter supposedly will focus on the band's studio work. Earlier, Inpop Records had reassured fans that Peter does lead vocals on all songs on their upcoming May 5th release, "Hands of God." The press release is at

I'm pretty much in total shock...newsboys have been my favorite band for several years...I knew something was up, after seeing the newsboys Facebook status announcing an upcoming press release and that they had temporarily taken down their message boards (which are now back up). I really didn't think this rumor was true though...I love DC Talk, and I mostly like Tait's solo cd as well. But, Tait in newsboys? Wow...never would have seen that coming. Who knows, maybe Phil Joel will be back too...or a DC Talk reunion tour...anything seems possible...And...maybe I will buy a newsboys tour bootleg cd, just to hear how Tait does on the songs.

PS: I had Peter's testimony least their show will have a bit of variety...