Friday, December 19, 2008

Newsboys' "Hands Of God" - New Song!!!

Newsboys (my favorite Christian band!) premiered a brand new song on Klove radio this morning! The song is titled "Hands of God" and will be on their new CD coming out in May. Since I can't find the lyrics online anywhere yet, here they are for educational purposes only. I don't believe the song is available for purchase anywhere yet, so buy the CD when it comes out!

In The Hands Of God
by Newsboys

We have raised our hopes and our cities' high
We have followed fragile dreams
But only one could take the measure of our goals
And we've stumbled over the trials of life
And we've wrestled the unseen
And only one can calm the storm inside our souls

In the hands of God,
We will fall
Rest for the restless, and the weary
Hope for the sinner
In the hands of God,
We stand tall
Hands that are mighty, to deliver
Givin' us freedom

When our strength gave way to the weight of guilt,
'Til we strain for every breath
Only One could lift our shame and make us well
And when all is finished and we face the fearsome power of death
Only One has overcome the gates of hell


You're amazing, You're amazing, You are
You're amazing, You're amazing, You are
And we praise You, Lord, for what Your hands have done
You're amazing, You're amazing, You are



Lyrics produced here for educational purposes only, as heard on Klove radio on 12-19-08. Lyrics are property and copywrite of their owners.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Truth: Backwards Video

Great it!!!

(Shown to me by Katie Fenner)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Luther Christmas Card

Doing my part as a Luther College student, and because I think it's pretty cool, I'm sharing this link:
It's a Christmas greetings montage of pictures from Luther that they emailed to students...Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great-Grandma's 100th

Today was my great grandmother's 100th birthday. She was born in 1908, which kind of blows my mind. As my dad and I were discussing at her birthday party, that means she easily could have known veterans from the Civil War. Wow. She was in a wheelchair and she's in a nursing home, but she seemed pretty much aware of what was going on. She's blind and she doesn't quite know who everyone is, but she's aware of what's going on, and at 100, I think I'd settle for that. It was rather sad as we were leaving...she mentioned that she wished Harley, her husband who died about 20 years ago, could have been there today. No one had heard her say his name in at least the last several years, so that was interesting...and she was crying a little thinking about him. That was so cute and romantic and sad...Missing your husband 20 years after he's been gone is pretty profound love.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wikipedia Random Link

Bored and online (like I am at the moment)? Here's a great way to relieve boredom, and maybe learn something while you're at it. Wikipedia's random article link. You can go to wikipedia and click the link on the left of the page if you really want to, or here's the direct link:
I'm obviously not at all responsible for whatever you happen to stumble upon...enjoy!